Pre-Release Projects

Below you can find details about projects that have not yet been released, but are in early development stages. Given the nature of this section, almost everything is subject to change.

If you have any comments or questions about these projects, please direct them to prerelease_projects@hybridchill.com

Current Projects

Website Cartographer
A tool for mapping out the complete structure of your website, and gathering information about each part.
Chinook ADS
A tool for reliabily deploying your code to remote servers with minimal effort and downtime.
Easy Accessible Tags (previously PFCT)
A set of easy-to-use custom tags for producing usable and accessible forms.

Website Cartographer

Website Cartographer is a tool that allows you to map out your site's structure.

Unlike traditional website mapping tools, which work just by spidering links, Website Cartographer analyses your actual site and catches all public pages, regardless of where they are linked from.

It will also make educated guesses to determine additional information for each page, which can then be fully customised, allowing for exports to be more useful than those produced by other tools.

Website Cartographer project page at RIAForge

CHINOOK Advanced Deployment System

Chinook ADS will be a solution to the common problem of deploying applications to remote servers in a reliable fashion with minimal downtime and effort.

The aim of Chinook ADS is to develop a single multi-purpose tool suitable for everybody: individuals open-source communities, enterprise-level organisations, and everyone in between.

Chinook ADS will have a fully modular structure, allowing it to work with whatever source control, frameworks, and software you might use.

Chinook ADS project page at RIAForge

Easy Accessible Tags

The EAT library is a set of tags aimed at quickly and easily building accessible forms.

Previously known as PFCT (Peter's Form Custom Tags), this custom tag set is being re-developed from the ground up to be more friendly and intuitive - both on the client-side and for developers utilising the tags - and to include a complete set of tags covering all scenarios.

The library will provide the ability to effortlessly produce forms that offer a rich experience to users, whilst degrading gracefully in browsers that don't support the features.