MiniEmotes is a set of minimalist emoticons, for people that prefer a less intense way of expressing emotions than using bright yellow blobs.


Here is the current set of forty-seven emoticons in the five available colours. Select any of the colours to change the background colour.

miniemotes preview image

If there are any new emotes that you would like to see added, feel free to ask.

Licensing / Usage

These emoticons may be distributed with Free and Open Source projects, and may be used freely for non-profit purposes.

If you would like to use the emoticons for commercial purposes, you must first obtain my explicit permission.

Please give credit to Peter Boughton and link back to this page in any project or website using these emoticons.


The emoticons come in three flavours. The best option is the 24-bit PNG set, as it can be used with any background. However, some older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (v6 and earlier) have problems with 24-bit transparency, so there are a pair of 8-bit PNG sets available for download, suitable for either black/dark, or white/light backgrounds.

All downloads are approximately 18KB in ZIP format. If you are unsure what you need, just download this file.

24-bit PNG (alpha-transparent background)

8-bit PNG (transparent/white background)

8-bit PNG (transparent/black background)


Please send any questions or queries relating to MiniEmotes via email to miniemotes_project@hybridchill.com