Project Downloads

Here you can find download information for the various Hybridchill projects.

For each project you can download the current stable release. Most projects also offer a download for the in-development version, extracted on-demand from the Hybridchill git repository, and likely to contain additional features not yet available in the released versions.

Java RegEx Utilities

Stable release:

jre-utils v0.7

QueryParam Scanner

Stable release:

qpscanner v0.7.3.1 - for CFMX7, CF8, BD7

qpscanner v0.7.4 - for CF9, OpenBD1.4 and Railo.

QueryParam Scanner Eclipse Plugin

Recommended method:

Use this Eclipse Update site: http://eclipse.hybridchill.com

(Create a New Remote Site in Eclipse, using Help>Software Updates>Find and Install)

Alternative method:

Download v0.1 Jar file and put it the plugins directory.


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8-bit PNG (transparent/black background)