Chinook ADS provides simple and powerful remote deployment for web applications. It is designed to allow for rapid creation of flexible scripts for executing quick deployments.

Under Construction

The Chinook ADS project has only recently started, and hasn't been released. Likewise, this website is still being constructed and is not yet ready for use.

When it is ready, an announcement will be made on the development blog at RIAforge, so if you wish to be notified you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Helping Out

Chinook ADS is an open-source project and welcomes anyone who wants to help. If you would like to join the development team, simply get in touch with details of what you can do and how you would like to help.

Chinook ADS is developed in CFML and will use Apache Ant, but help with documenting and testing is also welcome.

Contact Details

If you have any questions or queries, please send an email to using a clear subject line.