About Hybridchill

Hybridchill is a website by Peter Boughton, offering CFML and web development resources, a central base for the projects I have released, plus a place to discuss and demonstrate the projects I am currently working on.

You can contact Peter via email on peter@hybridchill.com

About this website

The Hybridchill website is built on a slightly customised install of Fusebox v5.5. The site has a straightforward architecture, and uses just a couple of very basic CFCs for simpler resource management. It runs on Railo and CentOS Linux.

The client side is (X)HTML5 compatible, and is intended to work with whatever user agent you choose to use. Interactivity is added using the jQuery library. All content & images on this website were entirely created by myself, except for the background image of the M16 Eagle Nebula (which is a modified version of an image from the Space Telescope Science Institute).